Embracing The Tools God has Given us for 2010 to Reach the World

When Jesus walked the earth more than 2000 years ago, He used the tools that were available to Him in that time to reach the World with the Cause of Christ.

Jesus read from the Scrolls in the Temple

Jesus taught numerous people outdoors where the most people could gather

Jesus rode a donkey

Jesus traveled on a boat

Jesus used examples of His day, such as, sowing seed, moving mountains (Herod had a mountain moved), tending vineyards, etc…

How do these things compare to today?

We can read from leather clad bibles or we can read scripture from out cell phone

We can meet in indoor arenas that hold thousands or we can use blogs, facebook, twitter, texting, and even television

We drive cars, ride motorcycles, and fly in airplanes

We use examples in video, computers, etc…

What am I saying?

We have the most opportunity in the history of the world to reach the world for Jesus Christ. Lets learn to use the tools and embrace them in order to meet people where they are and minister God’s love to them.

At 1st Hillsville UMC where I serve as the Associate Pastor on Sunday Night, we are embracing everything that God has given us to reach the world for Jesus Christ. We started a few years ago with a dedicated group of leaders and young people who led us in worship songs that were more upbeat and music styles that the youth and many adults of today like to listen to.

Music is not Godly or Ungodly – Lyrics are! You may prefer one type of music over another but it is just that, what you prefer. It may be what ministers to you the most but that does not mean what you prefer is what ministers to others the most. It is the lyrics that contain either Godly or un-Godly words, the music is a preference.

Texting, Twitter, Facebook, and even e-mail which is passse with the Youth Culture of today, all of these can be used to further the Kingdom of God. they are not un-Godly and it is not un-Godly to have them in the church building. We have consecrated (set apart) the church building as a place that is sacred and Holy and I have set apart my twitter account as something that is Holy.

I invite you to come to 1st Hillsville UMC on Sunday Night @ 6:30pm to hear God’s praises in a contemporary format, to hear sermons that use as examples things like youtube video’s.

I encourage you to bring your cell phone and text your network of friends and acquaintances to tell them about what I am preaching about. If you have facebook and twitter accounts then Please use them. What better way to witness to the world of 2010 than to use the tools that God has given us.

I look forward to reading your posts this Sunday Night!


Author: Ronnie Collins

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