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50 Golden Days of Evangelism

01/26/10 10:40 Age: 3 days

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In May of 1949, Dr. Harry Denman wrote a letter to “Shepherds”, a journal published between the years of 1944 to 1956. In this letter, Dr. Denman asked every pastor only not to observe Pentecost on June 5th, but to “meet the conditions so that every church will have a Pentecost on that day”. From Easter to Pentecost, Dr. Denman wanted to have “50 Golden Days of Evangelism”.

Dr. Harry Denman’s goal was two-fold.

First, from Easter until Pentecost, he wanted “every church [to] organize visitation teams to visit one night each week during that period and secure thousands of first commitments to Christ and his church on June 5th”. Next, Dr. Denman asked that during Family Week, May 1st through 8th, the teams would visit young families and secure their first commitment to Christ. A daunting task indeed. There is no record of how this was completed, but the goal was quite clear.

60 years later, the 2004 recipient of the Harry Denman Evangelism Award and a student of Dr. Denman’s approach to evangelism, Rev. Ronnie Collins, feels that this message is still important today. But, he also believes that thanks to new ways to communicate to the masses, that the completion of such a task is more easily accomplished. As Ronnie states “I have wanted for some time now to put this together and challenge the churches of Holston Conference with ‘50 Golden Days of Evangelism.’”

Rev. Collins has taken that initiative. Using the latest tools at his church’s disposal to do this work, from Facebook and Twitter, to Youtube and Blogging, Rev. Collins has been spreading the gospel in new ways. Ronnie is also sharing various resources which you may also access via his website at Imagebearer to learn what methods could work for you to join in such a commitment.

Rev. Collins has been true to his understanding of Dr. Denman’s vision. A vision reflected in The Foundation for Evangelism’s passion statement; “helping all persons experience God’s transforming love through Jesus Christ”.  Rev. Collins has a logo for his commitment on his website.  The commitment states he wants to have a “90 day investment in 3000 lives” saved, 40 Days of Preparation, fasting and prayer leading to 50 Golden Days of Evangelism. The commitment even rings true for The Holston Conference who have taken up the mantle of this monumental task. This year’s theme for their 2010 conference will be “Offer Them Christ” and follows the theme of the 50 Golden Days of Evangelism.

If you wish to do the same for your church or within your conference, click these links to find out more.

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