Fasting Journal Day 7 – March 1st, 2010

Day 7 was a good day as far as feeling great and healthy. it was a hard day because I was busy with meetings most of the day and did not get much time for study and reading. Physically I am doing great and I am still not hungry. I am sleeping better than ever and would do well with a nap every few hours. I really wanted to eat tonight when Misty fixed beef and bean burritos but I can honestly say it was a lust for food and not hunger. I keep reminding myself that my hunger for God and His blessing should and is commanded to be stronger than my hunger for food. I appreciate your prayers.

Many people in the church have come with questions about fasting and I am glad. I am glad because I believe as Christians we have missed one of the disciplines that God gave to us and therefore we have missed the blessing that God has for us. We must go back to the bible and study what His Word says about fasting. It is biblical folks and as much a part of the Christian life as prayer or at least it should be.

God is good and I am looking forward to Pentecost Sunday.


Author: Ronnie Collins

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