Who determines what is good?

Why do we tend to question God’s goodness in some situations rather than allowing God to define what is good.

It is easy to praise God when things are going just as we want them to go. Even when things are not exactly as we would like but there is no pain, we can still praise Him.

I have learned that we can also praise Him when we are experiencing pain. I lost my brother almost a month ago now and it hurts in some ways more now than it has to this point. Still I praise God for being so good to me, that really doesn’t make the pain go away at all but it gives life to my spirit.

I realize that God is God and I am not. I have begged God for answers and some have been answered and still others have not. He is still God and He created all of this, not me. If He were to explain it, maybe I still wouldn’t understand. One day all things will be made right and I am so excited about that day.

Until then we walk this earth together but we are not on our own, God is always in the midst.

Author: Ronnie Collins

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