Preparing lunch for the homeless

We had an amazing day. We served over 200 people and met so many people who have impacted our lives. We met a man named Ricky who impacted all of us. We are taking him a shirt tomorrow because he was so excited that we are working with another ministry where he volunteers his time as a homeless person himself.  I was moved while watching Ricky eat one of several hot dogs, you could see that he wasn’t enjoying the last one at all. It actually was painful to take each bite. Ricky was eating the last one because he didn’t know where the next meal was actually coming from and he didn’t know when it might be.

We met a man by the name of Cooper that impacted our lives, we met women with small children, we met people who helped us to forget all of our problems and in turn to count our blessings.

Several of our guys played a game of touch football with the homeless men, staff, and volunteers. That was truly amazing to see, our guys and the homeless men playing together and not thinking about their differences.

We have been impacted and I pray that we will never be the same.


Author: Ronnie Collins

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