A 29 Minute Investment in your LIFE

I have found something that is too good not to share. I was listening to the Andy Stanley podcast this morning and I heard a message that I really wish I could preach to you, just like Andy. However, what God has been telling me over and over the past couple of weeks and for many years actually is, I’m not Andy Stanley, I’m not Billy Graham, I’m Ronnie Collins and I am supposed to be who I am.

Anyway, all that is unimportant to you right now. What is important is that everyone should hear this message. Take 29 minutes and INVEST in your LIFE.

29 minutes, that’s all it takes to hear one of the greatest messages I have ever heard. Folks, God does not see you and me as you and I see ourselves. God sees you and I as one of His children. Think about this, how you think of your children is totally different from how they think of themselves most of the time.

Take 29 minutes. Click here and this link should take you to the video of Andy’s powerful message player.jsp?occurrenceID=5455

Pastor Ronnie


Author: Ronnie Collins

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