“Love Wins” coming soon…

Rob Bell of whom I really like his Nooma videos, has written a new book, due out March 15th. I have pre-ordered my copy on Kindle so it should download the minute it becomes available. The book has caused quite a stir in the Christian community and almost no one has read it. Most of the comments, blogs, twitter, and facebook posts are coming from the video included in this blog post.

Most people seem to believe that Bell is saying there is no Hell and preaching a Universalistic view of salvation. Many pastors who like this view are now coming to the fore and writing pieces of their own and causing even more of a stir.

I will hold my comments until after I have read the book. Can’t wait.

I just read a piece in Relevant Magazine where they will do an interview with Bell in their May/June issue and I am excited to see that as well.


Relevant Magazine Article on Bell’s upcoming book:

Author: Ronnie Collins

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