Anything that Mark writes is OUTSTANDING. I actually started this book the last few days of December after receiving a copy in October. I had picked the book up several times and just wasn’t ready to read it. I have done this with more than one of Marks books. I picked it up while looking for a different way to fuel my Bible reading in 2016 and Mark had the key to get me started.

Here is part of the plan Mark says he follows each year.

Choose a translation you have never read through.

Start anywhere you feel drawn to start. I started in The Book of John, then went to I and II Timothy.

Read each day until something stops you. A verse that has inspired you, a verse you have questions about, etc.

Journal about that reading. What questions arise, what insight have you received. Etc.

Keep a Gratitude Journal. Each day write down things that you are grateful for and number them.

Then I decided to send a thank you card each week to someone who has impacted my life either in the past or is currently having an impact.

Just some simple but great ways to make my reading come alive this year, I’m pretty excited.

Other than this there are a thousand reasons why you should read this book. Just to name a few.

Encouragement, insight into scripture, motivation, challenge to be better and do more, and assurance of God’s continual love, not based on your goodness but on His goodness. These are just a few. Get a copy and give one away.