Tradition: Is it Good or Evil?

As young adults, one of the issues that you face is the tradition of those who have gone before you. There are traditions that are set by your family, such as, family vacations to the beach.

My family goes to the beach every summer and we look forward to it. We have this one motel that is right on the beach where we can take the family dogs and it is great, we have stayed there for about 15 years, it has been like home away from home. The great thing is that for the same number of years there has been another family that is there the same week we are and we have become friends and look forward to seeing each other. My nephews who are 24 and 27 have really grown up knowing this place as a safe place. The faces are familiar, even some of the same housekeepers are still there.

But then things can change.

Last year the mother in the family we have gotten to know had died, the motel owner had changed and things were just not the same. It didn’t seem like home anymore. That comfortable feeling just wasn’t there for us. It was almost like we were in a strange land, it just didn’t feel right anymore.

Now, we will continue to go to the beach but we will look for another home away from home. We have started looking at alternatives. The family has grown so large that we would probably be better off looking for a large house. It would be great if we can find a house with a private pool that is just a street or two off the beach.   

What in the world is my point? I know you are asking that question.

My point is this: We have traditions to deal with, some that are family traditions, some that are church traditions and some that are local (cultural) traditions. We have talked some about this, you remember the talk about earrings and tattoo’s?

Anyway, I want to explore some of the traditions of the church over the next few days and see what they mean and why people love those traditions so much. I want us to be able to understand that (traditions) are not good or evil. They are simply traditions and traditions mean something to people.

I would hate for someone to suggest that my family had to stop going to the beach every summer. That would be tragic to me. I know there are lots of other places that we could visit but I like Myrtle Beach and I like for the whole family to be there together. That is my safe place!

We have started a new traditionat FUMC, the SNL service. That is a tradition that is completely different from the 11am service. It is not good or evil, it is a tradition. It is a service that is appealing to many people and especially to the younger among us. But rest assured there will come a time when something will change and there will be those who will fight the change because it is a safe, comfortable place that feels like home. There will also be those who don’t understand why some people are so hard headed and want to hold on to such a tradition.

Anyway, this should be fun! We will learn some great things that may become traditions for us and our kids will do things totally different and we won’t understand!

 Did you notice the word TRADITION?

Stay Tuned


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