Eleminate The Weeds In Your Life

The weeds in your life, are those things that hinder or limit your spiritual growth. Weeds are the things that choke your relationship to Christ or that prevent you from further growth. How much effort does it take to grow weeds?

None at all!

You don’t have to cultivate weeds. In fact, that’s the difference between a weed and a vegetable. You feed, water, and cultivate a vegetable, and it still dies! Pay no attention to a weed and it grows.

Weeds are a sign of neglect.
I’ve found that when I neglect my quiet time, when I neglect my personal maintenance, such as walking/running and staying physically fit, and when I neglect key relationships in my life, the weeds start to grow and begin choking my productivity.

Reading the Bible is a great experience, try it and you will learn the wisdom that only comes from God, it is the way God has chosen to speak to us in this day.


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