Got The T-Shirt, Now What?

Got the T-Shirt, Now What? 

We went to CCIS this morning with Johnny V. and wow what a time, there must have been 120 students in that room. Sassar was in normal form, getting the students to listen up. She is so awesome and she loves the students so much. Now, I don’t call her Sassar to be disrespectful I heard the students call her that and she seemed to be cool with it. It is one of those terms of endearment.

Anyway, as Johnny V. would say, you don’t care about all that. John wore his TEAM Soccer shirt this morning and he spoke about wearing the T-Shirt. Anybody can sit on the bench but in order to make anything happen you have to get in the game.

Today as all of history we have lots of people wearing the Christian T-shirt but they are not really in the game. You can go to church every day of the week, sing in the youth group, raise your hands in worship and even give money to missionaries but until you get in the game and become a real part of team it’s not real. 

James says that Faith without works is dead. In other words, you say you have faith in Jesus Christ, you wear the Christian T-shirt, and you go to church. Go out and do something that shows Christ to the world. 


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