Every Life is Worth Celebrating

Eliot is a picture of the people in this world who need someone to care.

I sat in my office this morning reading the blog of a new friend and I looked at this video about Eliot and I knew I had to share it with you.

Johnny V. spoke to us many times this week about Laborer’s and he told us that God said “BEG” for Laborers.

I was driving in to the office this morning and all I could think about was the excuses that we use so many times. We are so busy; we have so many things that take precedence in life that we so often miss life.

God needs Laborers and I beg you, be a Laborer for God. Eliot’s life is a picture of so many people in this world and I thank God that his parents were Laborer’s, they had the time, and they took the time to be there for him. We need to be there for all the people in the world who are hurting. I know that we all have problems and pain but I know for certain this morning that mine doesn’t equal the pain of this young family.


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  1. April 28, 2008 Kim

    WOW! WHat a family! God chose them to be Eliot’s parents. What a blessing! I’ve been whining some about my family’s whining. I needed this! Thank you!


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