Great Resource and it’s Free!

Free Tool, Free Tool, I like the word Free!

I know that I may be one of the few who still use a PDA since the rise of the Blackberry. I haven’t made my speech for the need of a blackberry to the Church Board yet, however I would like to get that in the 2008 budget because it is a need for ministry in today’s Techie world.   However for those of you who have a Windows Based Personal Hand Held and it should also work on any Windows Based system such as Smart Phones and Blackberry’s. This link is to e-sword, it is a download that is very safe, I have used it on my PDA for about 3 years now. You can download several versions of the Bible for free as well as commentaries and Bible Dictionaries and Webster I believe.

Wesley’s Notes on the Bible are there also.

Most of these items are free and there are some that are a minimal price if you want them. This is a great FREE tool that you should check out.


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  1. May 11, 2008 Dech

    Thanks I’m looking for this website.


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