Youth Mission Work: Baby Bottle Campaign

Baby Bottle Campaign 2008

Saving the lives of Unborn Babies sounds like something that we as Christians should be doing and we are.

First United Methodist Church has been a supporter of the Tri Area Pregnancy Resource Center for a long time. We give donations as well and some of the Sunday School Classes who give all kinds of Baby Items. Diapers, toys, etc……

Last year the church gave $1079.30 through the Baby Bottle Campaign. We handed out 80 Baby Bottles and you saved change and even folding money. We handed the bottles out on Mothers Day and turned them in on Fathers Day, how appropriate.

This year we have acquired 350 Baby Bottles and my challenge to the church is that we give 3 times last year’s amount. I know that we can do it.

$3237.90 is our goal, help us make the Goal and help save the lives of the unborn.

The Baby Bottles will be handed out on Mothers Day again this year, just as last year. Misty and I will take several of the bottles but we want to give everyone a chance. Get your Baby Bottle this Sunday at either the 8:30 or 11am Worship Service at FUMC Hillsville.

In 2007 the Center had 1300 clients who visited and already in 2008 there have been 451.

In 2007 52 babies were born and in 2008 20 have already been born.

The Center receives no public money and I solely supported by tax deductible gifts and donations.

Let’s Break a Record with these Baby Bottles.



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