Now, What Was Your Excuse?

Thousands are coming to hear him preach. His ministry has gone global. He has a new book coming out. That’s quite a résumé for a boy without any arms or legs!

Nick Vujicic, a 25-year-old Australian, was born without limbs. Vujicic’s parents, devout Christians who planted a church in Australia 11 months before Nick was born, found it hard to understand how God could use their son’s loss for good. But he has.

Reading in Sunday school about being made in the image of God seemed like a cruel joke to Nick. He seesawed between despair and begging God to grow arms and legs for him.

He contemplated suicide the year he turned 8. When he was 15, though, one story in the Bible answered one of his toughest questions.

“When I read the story of the blind man … Jesus said he was born so that the work of God could be revealed through him,” Vujicic said. “That gave me peace. I said, ‘Lord, here I am. Use me. Mold me. Make me the man you want me to be.'”

Vujicic learned to write using the two toes on a partial foot that protrudes from his body. He also learned how to throw tennis balls, answer the phone, walk, and swim. He invented new ways to shave and brush his own teeth. He even earned double degrees in accounting and financial planning by the age of 21.

He is now a motivational speaker to Christian congregations in over 12 countries, and he has ministered to over two million people face to face.

Nick oversees Life Without Limbs, an organization for the physically disabled.

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries, his first book, is scheduled for release in 2009.

Now, What Was Your Excuse?



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