Good vs. Evil

There is definitely an evil force in this world today as there has been since the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden more than six thousand years ago. All we have to do is take a look at the evening news and see that evil exists.

What must be done in this world so that evil doesn’t win? I am so glad that you asked. In order that evil doesn’t win, the Christian’s have to take a stand. What does that mean? Again, I am so glad that you asked. It means that we have to behave as the Bible teaches us we should.

Take for instance in the Book of James, we are told to be Slow to Speak, Quick to Listen and Slow to get Angry. We are also told in other places in the Bible that we can be angry and sin not, here James tells us, even with righteous anger, we should be slow about it.

Got someone you can’t Forgive? Let it go, the Bible says to forgive as we have been forgiven!

Got someone who gets on your nerves and you would just like to tell them off? Let it go, the Bible says in love there is Great Patience!

Someone said something bad about you and you want to retaliate? Let it go, Jesus never defended lies!

Every where you go, with everyone you meet, whether frustrated or tired, respond as Jesus has taught us to respond, never react. We can change the world!

Defeat Evil, fight the good fight!


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