No Excuses!

The Blog this past week has been an attempt to remind us that we are the only ones that limit us!

We have seen a man born with no arms and no legs, a man born with Crebreal Palsy, a child born way too early and finally a look at the FACT that Jesus understands our pain. You could say that we are all scarred in our own way. We all have insecurities and issues that we have to deal with but all of us have gifts and graces that we can offer to God for His use.

What are your gifts and graces? We all have the responsibility to find out and then work within those areas as mush as possible. A good place to start may be to discover your Spiritual Giftedness, you can do that by going into the archives here and taking the Spiritual Gifts Inventory. Then we can sit down and talk further about what God has placed on your heart. What is it that you have this overwhelming feeling that God want’s you to do?

It may seem like it would be hard and that there is no way you could be happy if you followed that leading, let me assure you that you will never be more satisfied than when you are in the Center of God’s Will for your life.

What is your excuse?


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