The Clock Will Strike Midnight and She’ll Be Gone

Coming to the office from the hospital on Tuesday I heard this song and I thought of all the children in my family and in yours!

These precious kids and I don’t want to miss even one moment of their lives. Kevin and Dustin were 10 and 13 and we were in the woods camping with friends. I can remember like it was yesterday, they had full Ninja Turtles Outfits and some dull machetes. The adults sat around the camp fire talking and the kids ran through the woods half the night, where did the time go?

Seems like it was yesterday that Michael learned to drive. I was so excited, I would let him drive everywhere so I could read. Nothing like having someone chauffeur you around. Now Mike has two little ones of his own and we just don’t get that much time together. At least it’s not as much as we would like to have.

Alex is 5 years old, it seems like yesterday that he was born. He has said some of the greatets things. Wewere coming from dinner in town one evening and he said, “pupa, what are you going to do when we get home”? I said, I have to study because I am preaching tomorrow and he immediately said that he would like to preach with me. I said, Alex what would you preach about, he thought for a minute and he said “Candy”, I said candy, what would you say about candy and his response was “it’s sweet and sugary”. That sounds like the Gospel to me.

I think the sweetest thing he has said was when Misty was pregnant and again we were driving home from dinner in town. Alex said, Pupa, are you going to be a daddy? I said yes. He thought for a minute and said, are you still going to be my pupa? I cry when I think about it. I said, Alex, I will always be your pupa, no matter how many kids we have. He was fine with that answer.

The rest of the kids, Christopher, Seth, Samuel and Victoria, they are changing before our eyes, every day there are such drastic changes. this song touched my heart.


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