Children Need A Forever Family

Foster parents needed around the state


OK, I know that many of you reading this blog are teens and you are not in the situation or the mind frame to adopt or foster a child, however, your parents may be. Maybe you need to let your parent know that you would be Great with the idea of having another person in the family!

After working with youth and teens in local churches for the past 15 years, then at a Children’s Home for 5 years, there is such a need. Every child deserves a home of their own where they have a mom and dad and even brothers and sisters to call their own.


May is National Foster Care Month

Exciting things are happening at FUMC Hillsville and taking care of children who need families is one of the things happening.

In July and August we will be having something called “Heart Galleries” in our church. We will be doing several things to promote Adoption and Foster Care.

Be in prayer as we teach families about the needs and they are many. Also, you your family would consider the opportunity to adopt, go see your local Department of Social Services and get a Home Study started, it will save time.


First Lady works for strong foster care programs; May is National Foster Care Month


Richmond, Va. – Nearly 8,000 children are in foster care throughout the Commonwealth.  Approximately 50 percent are 13 and older. These children are in urgent need of foster parents and, for many of them, a “forever family.”


The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) is asking families, couples and individuals to open up their hearts and homes to a foster child. 


First Lady Anne Holton created the For Keeps foster care initiative in 2007.  It was founded on the belief that every child deserves and needs a “forever family.” Under her leadership, a number of foster care reform efforts were successfully passed this year.   


“As a juvenile court judge, I met so many older teens in foster care trying to navigate the adult world without the stable family foundations that so many of us rely on,” First Lady Holton said. “For Keeps focuses on ensuring older children in foster care have permanent family connections and community support to help them develop into successful, independent adults.”


The goal of Virginia ‘s foster care program is to maintain family unity and ensure that all children grow up in safe, stable homes. “There is no ‘typical’ foster child, but they all desire a permanent, loving home.  This is especially true for older children, teens and siblings,” said VDSS Commissioner Anthony Conyers Jr .


The need for loving foster parents is ongoing for both short and long-term placements.  Local departments of social services offer training for families and individuals interested in becoming foster parents.  To learn more about making a positive difference in a child’s life, visit or contact your local department of social services. 


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