Mission Outreach

Jesus said share the Good News with everyone and He taught us there are many ways to share the message. The First UMC Youth and Leaders with the help of others in the church have taken up the call to Ministry in our own Neighborhood.

My hat is off to you! On Wednesday we pulled together about 3 vehicle loads of clothing, shoes and some toys and we went into one of our local neighborhood’s and just gave them away. It was nice stuff, I saw several items that still had the tags on them. Thank you for giving your best! Approximately 90% of the items were taken to be used by others, Praise the Lord and we need more.

This Mission Outreach is going to continue, each Wednesday the Youth and Leaders will be going out and doing different projects to help the people of this community. We are going to the need and not making them look for us.

This is the Church!

You make me proud and you are taking the Bible literally when it says to give a drink of water in His name. You are making a difference.


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