SNL was ROCKIN last night!

If you missed it, well you missed it! SouledOut was in touch with the tune, the tune of His Spirit. Mike Morris was in touch with His Spirit as well. Mike spoke about the wisest man who ever lived, Solomon. You know I always wondered how he was the wisest and yet he had 700 wives and 300 more Concubines or Girlfriend’s. Some say they were actually legal wives and I believe that the sexual act consummates the marriage and if that is the case then Solomon had 1000 wives. OK, where is that wise? It isn’t, we have to remember that just because it is in the Bible doesn’t mean that God placed his stamp of approval on it. Some of what we have recorded is historical to help us grasp the story and not there because God said it was good.

I have a wonderful wife but I only want one and I am sure that Misty only wants one husband. God created us and wanted us to have a mate (in some cases) to help us because two are stronger than one. Some people were created and are much happier remaining single.

I don’t know why I digressed, we had a great time. Mike talked about how we can forget about the latest fad, what is popular today will be laughed tomorrow. Styles change, places change and even people change but the one thing that remains constant is that God wants us to have a Vital Relationship with Him.

My prayer for each of you today is that God will keep you safe, that he will keep your school and college campuses safe, that he will keep your work places safe and that He will Draw You Close To Him.

I can’t wait to see what God does in each of our lives and in our walk together.


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