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Five Practices Blog: by Robert Schnase

This is one of the best books I have ever read when it comes to changes that today’s congregations need to make. It was given to me by Dr. Starks our District Superintendent for a Christmas present and then we worked through it as Clergy at our District Clergy Retreat in May of this year.

He addresses very practical things that we tend to overlook and I just want to say a little about one of the areas he speaks about.

Bishop Schnase says that we could do a walk through of our facility with people that are different and have different needs to evaluate how friendly our facility is. For instance, an elderly person, youth, pregnant lady and someone who may be handicapped. Look around and see if the needs that you have would be met or if anyone has even thought about them.

One of the things that struck me was the fact that now with Samuel in diapers we are constantly having to use changing tables in restaurants and Wal Mart but many of our churches don’t have changing tables in our bathrooms. Many of these things are small and could be remedied cheap and we just don’t think about them because they don’t necessarily mater to us.

Lets take a look around and make some suggestions on things that we could change to make our facilities more people friendly.

Don’t forget to think Outside The Box.

Check the link to Bishop Schnase blog, I am actually listed on his blog now.


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  1. August 19, 2008 R Schnase

    I’m glad you are finding the book helpful. If as a result of the discussions, reflections, and learnings about the Five Practices, your congregation initiates a new ministry or begins to change how it does things, please share your story on so others can learn from your experience. Blessings to you in your ministry, R Schnase


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