Myspace vs. Facebook

One of the Youth had a shirt on Sunday Night that caught my attention. It said “Jesus died for myspace in Heaven”.

I like that, it is just a catchy way to be a witness for Jesus in a world that seems to communicate more on the web than any other possible way.

It was a long time after these two networking sites became popular that I finally got on board. It wasn’t until one of the youth challenged me to start a myspace account that I finally gave in and I love it. I have connected with old friends, family members and people that I went to school with more than 20 years ago.

Now, which one do I like best? I would probably say that I like Facebook the most. It seems to be more user friendly. However my new intern has been helping to show me how to better use the myspace site this week and I am liking that tool better. Myspace seems to be geared more to the youth generation and Facebook seems more geared to the college and adult populations.

They both have their pluses and minuses but overall they are both pluses. If you are still waiting, bite that bullet and I think you will be glad that you did. It is a great networking tool and it can also be a lot of fun getting to know your friends better.


Here are the links to my myspace and facebook accounts. Check them out and add me to stay in touch.



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