Training Training Training

It has been a few months ago that I started talking about getting back into shape and it is happening. I am logging between 20 and 35 miles running each week and I will bike a few with Kyle. Misty and I have taken the 100 Push up Challenge and that is going well. When I started this thing, this time I was back up to 220lbs and this morning I weighed in at 199. I thought I was never going to lose it. When I was running my best clock times I was 173 to 178lbs and I have a goal to go back to that ideal weight.

I know that people say I look sick at 173lbs but I have read in Runner’s World that when a person is most healthy they will look very thin and very little body fat.

I ran this morning with my new Birthday gift, Garmin 305 and I logged 10 miles in the rain. I love running in the rain and it is an added blessing when it has been so dry.


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