Calendar for FUMC and Downtown

NOTICE (we will be leaving Downtown @ 6:45 to support Whitney Perry who is speaking at Carroll County High School at a Youth Event there) September 10th First Wednesday Evening Service for Youth @ FUMC Downtown Center:

Doors will STILL open at 3pm, come do homework, have coffee, soda or just hang out. 

September 11-13 is XEE Launch here in Hillsville VA. Call for details 276-728-2434 and speak to Ronnie

September 14th Ronnie will Preach @ 8:30am, 11am and SNL @ 6:30pm @ FUMC Main Campus

September 14th SNL w/ SouledOut & Ronnie @ 6:30pm

September 15th Church Council 7pm FUMC Main Campus

September 19th Liberty University Lock-in Contact Gator and Stephanie King for Details

September 19-21 Family Camp Weekend@ Camp Dickenson

September 20th Ronnie is Preaching at Camp Dickenson @ 7:30pm

September 21st See You At The Pole Rally @ The Carroll County Fairw/ SouldOut and Ronnie @ 4pm

September 21st No SNL it is at the Carroll County Fair @ 4pm

September 24th See You At The Pole Adult Prayer Rally @ FUMC Downtown “Out of the Box” @ 6am

September 24th See You At The Pole @ All Local Schools

September 26th CCHS Football Game @ Home

September 29th Cluster Meeting @ FUMC Downtown “Out of the Box”

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