Things I want to someday leave to my family……

By the way, I am looking forward to being here when Christ returns so this is in no way a sign that I am anxious to leave. I do desire to be with the Lord and I also desire to be here and live for Him and with my family and friends.

I was thinking as I often do about what it will be that I am remembered for. I was thinking this because Pastor Ty has given me an article concerning John Wesley that he and Kim think remind them of me. (It must be Richard Heitzenrater’s cluttered desk in the picture.)

Anyway the article is about and concerning John Wesley’s Journals. Wesley wrote most every thought he ever had and Ibelieve this is a good thing. I wish that I had the discipline to journal daily and sometimes hourly. There have been many times that I have had thoughts and then as the day wears on I forget them. Sometimes they come back to me but many times they are lost.

The main thing that I want to leave to my wife, children and grandchildren (my nephews are as my children as well) is a love for God. I want them to remember that when I walked this earth I loved God and that I demonstrated that love by the way I live my life. Not just by my talk but by my actions. I would love to leave them all financially wealthy but I am not sure that is possible or that it would even be good for them. So many times wealth drives people away from God and not close to Him. The Bible is clear that it is hard for a rich person to get to heaven just because of the temptation that comes with the money. The temptation to hoard, the temptation to do and pursue other things, other than God, because one has the financial means to do so. Still I would like to have the means to pay off debt and also leave a nice gift to my loved ones and I pray that will someday be the case.

Maybe this blog will someday serve as a means for my family to read and see my heart, my thoughts and my Crazy Love for God.


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