Don’t place your trust in this World’s Financial Market

I heard this morning on NBC that Ten Trillion Dollars (10,000,000,000,000) that is 10 to the 12th power (that is a lot of money) has been lost in the Stock Markets across the World this year. As you know times are hard and trust me on the authority of Scripture, they are going to get harder.

Personally I don’t have a lot in the Market to lose but I have friends who do. All I have is my small retirement through the UMC and I have seen it grow smaller this year. I am thankful that most of what I have is paid for. My home is not huge but it is paid for, my cars are older but they are paid for (all but one). If worse comes to worse no one can come and take them away.

When things get worse and they will, we will see the church begin to fill again. Then and only then IF things get better we will see them dwindle again.  However I do not begrudge when people come out of fright or repentance or for any valid reason. That is an opportunity for people to hear the truth, it can then take root in their heart and in the end they may just stick with the stuff, the real stuff.

I do believe that we are going to see hard times but I also know that God is where I have placed my trust and if all the World fails, they can’t take away my salvation. I have a home in Heaven where I am storing up Treasure and no matter what comes in this World, No One can take that away.

Place your trust in God’s Plan.


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