Enjoy the Journey

“Enjoy the Journey” this is a statement that Candace Lewis just shared with us at the Church Planters Conference in Richmond. Candace is speaking about the long and hard journey of starting a new church and all of the work that goes into such a task. As I sit here and ponder that statement it reminds me that we are all on a Journey through this life.

Last night after a long day of being in class with lots of lecture, it would have been real easy to just crash and not do anything. However I chose to sit with two new friends that I have made here in Richmond and watch the election returns. I got to look at their church web sites and even listen to parts of sermons they have preached. We laughed and just had great fellowship. We were enjoying the journey!

Life has a way of throwing stuff at us that we tend to get bogged down with. When we get focused on the stuff life has thrown us we tend to get tunnel vision and we forget to “Enjoy the Journey”. The fact is, we are being prepared now for our future with Christ, so “Enjoy the Journey”. That is what God intends.

Enjoy this day and whatever God has given you to do this day!


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