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I like blogging, have you noticed? I believe it is a very effective way to get the word out to people about what God is doing in the World today.

Here is a blog from adoptuskids.org that is worth reading. If God has ever given you a love for children and you are curious, this is a great place to look around. I am including a couple of past blogs just to show you that many different types of people adopt children.


adoption by single persons

It is more common today than ever before for single adults to adopt and provide foster care for children. Although many singles have adopted children from foster care and are successfully parenting them, some agencies are hesitant to place children with single persons. Once the family profile had been completed, single prospective parents need to be proactive in following up with their caseworker. Be prepared to talk about the support services you have in place. Maintaining current training is also vital! Although single parenting brings unique challenges, it also is very rewarding. Let’s talk here about some of the issues you have faced or are preparing to face as a single adoptive or foster parent. Let’s also share resources and ideas!

If you are a single person who is pursuing adoption or foster care and have questions, contact us at 1-888-200-4005 or info@adoptuskids.org.

you don’t have to be perfect

As you know, AdoptUsKids is dedicated to increasing the public awareness of adoption and foster care. Our work with the Ad Council to create and distribute our public service announcements is intended to encourage the public that “you don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent” – that although active parenting does involve appropriate, positive interaction with a child, it also requires the parent to “just be there” and provide for the daily living needs of a child (such as laundry, cooking, and relaxing together). This undemanding adult presence is very reassuring to a child who has never had a reliable family.

We’d love to hear from adoptive families whose journeys were set into motion by seeing a TV or print ad or by hearing a radio spot with the message, “You don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent”

Share your stories here! Please tell us when you first heard or saw that ad, why it moved you to act, how you responded, and where your response led you.

We are currently working to create and distribute a new series of public service announcements focused on the large number of teenagers available for adoption in the United States. Look for them on your local TV station this November!

your past challenges can benefit your family’s future

Sometimes what you consider a hindrance to adoption may actually be a benefit! Don’t be afraid to share with your caseworker and include in your homestudy the challenges that you have faced. Look what research has shown:

• Families who have experienced challenges in their lives and have handled them successfully are often just the right people to adopt waiting children!

• Families without a lot of parenting experience can parent successfully.

• Working outside the home should not be seen as a deterrent to being good adoptive or foster parents.

• Families coming from all different backgrounds (social, economic) make good adoptive and foster parents.

• Out-of-state families can be good resources for children. These families can maintain contact with former foster families and other relatives of the child despite distance.

• Medical problems, disabilities, and obesity do not necessarily interfere with parenting abilities.

• Parents who are recovering alcoholics or recovering drug addicts and who have been in recovery for a period of time can be effective parents.

• Effective parenting is not dependent on one’s marital status (nor on religious affiliation, financial status, or where the family lives).


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