In his book The 7 Sins of Highly Defective People, Rick Ezell writes: “When my wife and I were in London one spring, we discovered that some of the bombs dropped on England are still killing people. Sometimes they are discovered; sometimes blow up at construction sites, in fishing nets or on beaches more than 50 years after the war. Undetected bombs become more dangerous with time because corrosion can expose the detonator.

“What is true of bombs that are not dealt with is also true of people who have unresolved anger. Buried anger explodes when we least expect it. When anger explodes, it does all sorts of damage. It severs relationships. It causes ulcers. It leads to murder. When anger is turned inward, it leads to depression. When it is turned outward, it leads to aggression. So, I have to deal with my anger, not bury it.

“Anger is like a splinter in your finger. If you leave it there, it gets infected and hurts every time you use your finger. If you remove it, the sore heals and you feel better.” (from One Minute Uplift newsletter;

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