Real Followers

At the turn of the millennium, self-gratification is the assumed purpose of every human being. Addiction is normative. Unbridled consumption seems to have been stamped indelibly into our genetic code. And, of course, image is everything-which is why “Lets pretend” isn’t just for preschoolers anymore. it is now very much an adult game, only, it has a new name: “Let’s ccompartmentalize.” And this new game has been cultivated into an art form, from cyber space to public space.

None of us has a choice as to when we live. But we all have a choice as to how we live. Do you and I respond to our “now” by retreating into laissez-faire churchianity? Do we settle for virtual piety, a go-through-the-motions display, forgetting that Jesus’ bedrock requirement for discipleship is quite simply, “Love me with your life”? (paraphrase, John 14:21)

Sally Morgenthaler in Real Followers by Michael Slaughter

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