Offering An Apologetic and an Apology

“People today are open to Jesus, but the church needs to rethink how we come across to people on the outside. While we need to stand strong on what we believe and need not be ashamed of the gospel in any way, we need to make sure we are presenting a biblical picture of the church and not perpetuating negative stereotypes. We need to offer an apologetic to correct misperceptions. We need to offer an apology when the church hurts people in the name of Jesus. We need to offer an apology for arrogant and shameful things we’ve said and for presenting as truth our fallible opinions. We need to offer an apology for straying from the mission of the church and becoming self-absorbed citizens of the bubble. We need to apologize whenever the beautiful bride of Christ is prostituted for a church leader’s or a politicians agenda. We need to apologize when we aren’t honest with people and become so seeker-friendly that we don’t tell them the hard truth about sin and repentance. We need to apologize when we say that we are all sinners by grace but show contempt for those who are still in sin.”

Dan Kimball “They Like Jesus but Not The Church”

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