Jesus Strategy is Militant Love

“Do you know that Jesus strategy is to change the world through you and me? How will God do this? Through a militant love. There are a lot of people – even religious people – who are militant, but they don’t understand that their passion is for love”.

“Some Christians think it is God’s will to do acts of hate against other human beings. No! How will people know that we are followers of Jesus? According to Jesus, the evidence is in how real followers love one another. That’s the test”.

“We are not called to be a chorus of judgement. We are called to be a counterculture community that demonstrates the love of God on planet Earth”.

Michael Slaughter in “Real Followers”

We are called to be a counterculture community that shows love. I want to carry this further and say that we are to be that same expression of love in the church and with each other. So many times in the church when things don’t go exactly as we wish for them to, we get upset and start to criticize our brothers and sisters in Christ. Most of the time it would be appropriate to say “maybe this didn’t work out exactly as we wished, let’s love each other, work together and do it better next time”.


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