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Charlie Appelstein is a gentleman I met while in Child Care. Charlie is Author of one of the best books I have ever read on caring for children in general but especially for the child who has suffered a broken family for what ever reason, the book is “No Such Thing As A Bad Kid” and can be purchased from Charlie’s web site

However, the exciting thing I wanted to tell you about today is the new Music CD that Charlie and the “No Bad Kid Band” has just released. Wow, if you have children, you need this reminder. Why not learn, be better parents and have fun all at the same time.

Thank you Charlie for another Outstanding resource to help us be better parents.


 Appelstein Training Resources

is pleased to announce this

  new self-help musical CD for parents:

Parent Rapsody
Songs and Musical Mantras for Successful Parenting  


“Charlie Appelstein is to be applauded for producing a CD that captures the essential values and strategies of parenting in such an entertaining, informative fashion. I am certain that each time parents listen to the songs, they will reflect upon their role as parents. It is wonderful when learning about important issues can be so much fun.”
-Robert Brooks, PhD, a leading expert on building self-esteem in children and youth and co-author of  Raising Resilient Children and Raising a Self-Disciplined Child 


Charlie Appelstein and The No Bad Kid Band 

 Parent Rapsody







A novel approach to parent education combining rhythm, rhyme, wordplay, and engaging melodies to promote core child-rearing practices. A handy companion for all seasons of family life.


To hear clips of every song and learn more about this project, please visit:

About the Performers








Over forty performers collaborated on this creative new resource for parents, including gospel singers from Boston’s Berklee School of Music, an internationally renowned vocalist from Virginia, members of the popular Adam Ezra Group, a professor of Gaelic Studies from Harvard College, and an award winning trumpet player from Boston College.


Likewise, the stimulus provided by these songs, with repeated exposure, help you establish healthier parenting behaviors.
Charlie will be blogging about this project, child & youth care principles and techniques, and each of the songs at:

Please join in~

  It’s been said that children aren’t born with a handbook. But no one ever mentioned a CD!


The Approach
Neurological research reveals that 

the brain is designed to change in response to patterned, repetitive stimulation.







Parent Rapsody by Charlie Appelstein and The No Bad Kid Bank
Parent Rapsody musical CD back cover 


Visit YouTube to see

 Video Don't Yell, Gently Tell

“Don’t Yell, Gently Tell”



“Made me laugh, made me cry. The  monks steal the film!”

 –Roger Eggbert 




 See Special Introductory Offer Below!  


Song Video!










Richard Lavoie, internationally renowned expert on children with learning disabilities and author of  It’s So Much Work to Be Your Friend, writes:
Parent Rapsody provides moms and dads with catchy musical pieces that enable them to recall and use effective parenting strategies…even in the heat of the moment.
“By listening to and memorizing the songs and lyrics, the parent is actually imprinting the information on her brain so that the wisdom is easily accessible to her when a behavior problem occurs.”


More Praise for Parent Rapsody:

“I recommend it to anyone seeking a way to reach parents and help them attend to what needs doing to make the lives of children better in this time when so many parents are confused and distracted.” 
-James Garbarino, PhD                                              
Director, Loyola University of Chicago’s Center
for the Human Rights of Children
Author of Lost Boys and Parents Under Siege


“The CD is literally unforgettable with such gems as ‘Don’t Yell, Gently Tell.’  I highly recommend Parent Rapsody to any parent or agency wanting to make a difference and strengthen relationships with young people.”


 “Move over Spock and Gershwin! Charlie’s Parent Rapsody holds the key to healthy parenting. These lyrics will stick with you, and guide you, as you navigate those challenging moments with your kids. I only wish it was available when my children were younger.”
-Mike Nikitas, Anchor, NECN (New England Cable News

-Mel Kennah, BA, MA, MBA
President, New Brunswick Association of Youth Residential Services Inc.
Executive Director, Moncton Youth Residences Inc.

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 Great Gift for Parents!

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