Career or Passion?

“I recently read that the average person will spend approximately half his waking hours at work. Over the course of a lifetime, that is about a hundred thousand hours on the job. Based on that statistic, I have two pieces of advice. First, get yourself an ergonomic office chair. Second, and most important, don’t pursue a career.

Here is the mistake so many of us make: we start out pursueing a passion and end up settling for a paycheck. So instead of making a life, all we do is make a living. And our deep-seated passions get buried beneath our day-to-day responsibilities.”

Mark Batterson in Chasing The Wild Goose 

I was in the office most of the day alone yesterday. As people would come for different reasons I was very aware that I was there for those people. When we get focused on the job rather than the passion we often get discouraged and frustrated but when we focus on others, we often realize how good God is. God has left us here to reach out in the name of Jesus Christ. Don’t spend your life pursuing a career.

The highlight of my day yesterday was not the Christmas Parties I attended, it wasn’t the meetings that I attended, It wasn’t the food that I ate. It was meeting a little down syndrome baby and hearing his mother and grandmother say, “he is the light of our lives”. I am focused on pursuing my passions this Christmas Season.


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