Giving the Gift of Life

I gave blood for the 3rd time today at church. To be honest I never really thought that much about donating blood until dad had open heart surgery and had to receive blood a couple of years ago. It really is a shame that it takes a personal tragedy to wake us up to such needs.

The goal for today is 30 pints of blood. While I was there we had 25 people who had signed in to donate and they still had better than 2 hours to go.

I think there are several reasons why people do not donate.

#1. They are uninformed

#2. They are busy

I know when I went in today, I expected to be there about an hour and it turned out to be 2 hours. I always take a book so that I can make wise use of the time and today was no exception. I was able to speak to a couple of church visitors and that was great. I ran into a couple of old friends and re-connected with them.  It was a great day and the gift of my blood may save a life.

I will let you know the next time we are having a drive so that you can join us. It feels good to do something for others and it doesn’t cost us a dime.


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