Congress on Evangelism Day 3

This morning Paul Borden spoke to us from the American Baptist Denomination and Paul lives in California. I had never heard of Paul but I will definitely sit at his feet and learn in the future.


Paul Borden

Paul Borden

Executive Minister, Growing Healthy Churches Network

Paul Borden currently serves as Executive Minister of the Growing Healthy Churches Network. Borden is the author of Hit the Bullseye: How Denominations Can Aim Congregations at the Mission Field.

Here are some statistics that Paul shared with us:

Less than 20% of the population in America attends church on a regular basis.

3000 Congregations die each year.

The Church in America is in DECLINE

“The church has been put here to be a mission organization. Not to organize for the benefit of the people within the organization. “

Jesus Christ created the church to depopulate the evil one’s zip code!

Visiting most church is like visiting someone else’s Family Reunion!

The church was created to mobilize the people to win the World to Jesus Christ!

The church is not an ORGANIZATION!

Since 1970 the United Methodist Church has lost 3 Million Members

The average age of a United Methodist is 57 years old

We have had a loss of 75% of Elders under the age of 25

We have had a 28% loss of youth in Sunday School

“Our LAZAR FOCUS in the CHURCH must be the Great Commission”

Paul Borden

We send missionaries overseas as hit men to win people to Jesus but our churches are not winning people to Jesus!  Paul Borden

The church in the United States is not for them, we are not consumers. People come to church and act like Russian Ice Skating Judges, that sermon was a 2 or that song was a 6. We are to be about winning people to Jesus Christ.

In God’s Created Order, That which is healthy grows!

That which is healthy, reproduces!

Growth by transfer of sheep is not growth!

God calls Shepherds to Lead (Missions are led Not Managed)

Many of our churches are declining because there is no leadership. Groups, committees, cannot lead. Groups and committees govern, not lead.

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