What Do You Want In A Pastor?

I read a great article today that talked about what churches want in a pastor. Here are the top five answers that people gave.

1. Good Preacher and Worship Leader

2. Strong Spiritual Leader

3. Good People Skills

4. Experience

5. Administrative Competence

I want to know what you want in a pastor. Share whatever you like. Tell me what you view as the ideal pastor and maybe even how you would describe that person.

I really want to know!

While I was in Nashville last week a gentleman came up to me that I had never met before. He said “you look like a person that could lead younger people to answer their call to ministry”. We discussed that a little while and what came out of it was the fact that more young people do not answer the call to ministry because those of us who have answered the call grumble too much.

Why would anyone want to do what I do if it is a miserable existence? I hope that I have never given any of you that impression. I love what God has called me to do and I feel like this guy may have been a prophet in my life.

I believe that God has called me to do the greatest service in the World, to preach the Gospel. My favorite parts are being with you the people and preaching. My ministry seems to be more to the younger generations, however that doesn’t leave out any group. As a pastor we are called to minister to all. With my role as an associate pastor I do have more freedom to focus on certain things.

Let’s get a conversation going about this. What do you want in a pastor? Youth , and adult alike. Don’t be afraid to give your honest answers, I can’t serve you best unless I know what it is that you need.

I am not looking for accolades or criticism, just what you want.


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  1. January 16, 2009 Shirley Uber

    Dear Ronnie,
    No praise or criticism!
    I hope you know that I feel you have the top five skills listed as what we want in a pastor.
    I was delighted when you came on as our Associate Pastor. I love your sermons. As a Spiritual leader I feel that you are “God Lead”. I don’t know how other older people feel but I feel you meet our needs as well as those of the young generation which is truly a blessing for all of us. You continue to amaze me with your ability to see and administer the needs of the community.
    Our church is meeting the needs of the Community through you and I praise God.
    You seem to have the ability to recognize the feelings of those who work with you in the Church. You have always been so helpful.
    May God continue to bless you (and your family).

  2. January 16, 2009 godw1nz

    Hmmm…prayer warrior, honesty, confidentiality, to let the Holy Spirit guide, open to new ideas, avenues, humor, kindness to all, not afraid to speak the truth, positive, teacher & preacher, friend, communication.
    It is hard to list it all! People like to feel needed, that they matter and that someone cares. You do all of these things already, so it’s really hard to answer your question! And really the only thing I would say for you to try is to preach it like you feel it. I’ve asked you before about discerning when to hold back and when to let loose, but sometimes it seems like you hold back when you really want to let her rip. No holding back!!!!

  3. January 17, 2009 Laura

    Mainly…someone who challenges my faith walk with Christ.

    Someone that doesn’t leave me sitting after the service numb…but on fire and challenged to make a difference. Someone that doesn’t just preach..but also TEACHES. Someone with PASSION. Someone that is completely, 100% honest..they don’t sugar coat things. Someone who takes the time to try and relate to all of their members. Someone that I can text at 9:00 at night when I have a question about what I’m reading, or what to do about a friend.. =) Someone that I can call my friend not just my pastor. Someone that isn’t afraid to do things different than the “regular churches” or “getting out of the box”.

    Someone that is human like me. Faults and all. =)

    God is good. All the time.

  4. January 18, 2009 Bob Welsh

    Hmmmm someone who is there. Who, as someone else said, can be asked questions anytime day or night, who leads, who accepts people, who is consistent in his message and actions. Someone who I feel I can ask for advice from and prayers about for things that are not just church. I can go with a concern about my job or some other area of my life, and he will understand. Someone who knows when I want advice, and when I just want prayers. Someone who never stops learning.

  5. January 18, 2009 The Stilwell's

    Someone that delivers a heart felt message that is telling it like it is. Ronnie, That is you along with the other qualities listed above. I like hearing a message on Sunday and it still has an impact on Saturday! We need to be living our sermons 24/7. Your delivery of the word does just that. You also have the future of the church in mind. We are blessed to have you as our assosiate pastor.

  6. January 21, 2009 The Bolen Family.

    What do I want in a Pastor? I want it all! Someone I can look to in any situation for guidance, prayer or maybe a shoulder to lean on. A teacher, role model, friend and preacher. Someone who shows me the right path and keeps me on that path. Compassion for all, not just Church Members. Someone to reach out into the community and offer help to all. All these qualities we find in you. I am thankful to have you as a Pastor and Friend. And last but certainly not least someone who is going to take great care of my baby this weekend in Gatlinburg!


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