Let your voice be heard in the AEP Rate Increase


Oppose the AEP Rate Increase!


Join Delegate Carrico in opposing APCo’s request for a 23.9% base rate increase. Just fill in the information on the form to the right making sure it is complete, so your voice will be heard.

Your message will read:

I, the undersigned, respectfully request that the State Corporation Commission (SCC) act promptly after hearing Appalachian Power Company’s 23.9% base rate increase proposal (PUE-2008-00046) and render a reasonable verdict as soon as possible.

While I recognize the need for periodic rate adjustments, the proposed increase is beyond reasonable, and is unaffordable for many of the families in Southwest Virginia. Therefore, I strongly urge you to significantly reduce any increase approved to a more reasonable and customer friendly rate.

Finally, I would ask that you render a verdict as soon as possible to avoid subjecting Southwest Virginians to the unpopular and excessive interim rates.


Thank you for your support and letting your voice be heard!

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6 comments on “Let your voice be heard in the AEP Rate Increase

  1. January 22, 2009 RuthAnne G. Henley

    I pastor a circuit of small churches in the town of Rural Retreat. Many of my parishioners are on limited or fixed incomes. They cannot bear the cost of heating their homes and buying groceries. This rate hike puts their very survival at risk. Please do what you can for the most vulnerable of your charges.

  2. January 22, 2009 John & Joy Sasser

    Why 23%? This is an extremely unreason increase. We are in financial restraint as it is (as a nation) and I am amazed that the power company would force such a huge increase on the working people. Please reconsider this increase and lower it. I am not saying “no increase”, I am simply asking for a lower increase. Please.

  3. January 22, 2009 Jason Jordan

    The increase is too too high. The increase will not solve the problem. Insentives should be in place for home and businesses to weatherize and be frugle outside of penalizing the poor and those who are incumbered with debt and medical bills. The rate should be gradual and modest and start in the summer months.

  4. January 22, 2009 Tammy Jones

    The increase is way too much. Everyone is having a hard enough time now just to put food on the table.
    The poor just keep getting poorer and AEP just keeps getting richer.

  5. January 25, 2009 Barbara Richey

    I don’t worry as much about myself when it comes to getting an AEP bill with a ridiculous amount that is due because I figure that when I get the money, they’ll get their bill paid. What I worry about is my unemployed, ill brother who talks about getting all of his power turned off and trying to make due without it the best way he knows how. I worry about my sister and her family who have been trying to “make it” for as long as I can remember, getting a bill for over $300 that you know puts them in another financial strain. My employed brother struggles to keep his expensive health insurance paid, and this bill sometimes makes it difficult to get his other bills paid. So many of us cannot pay another penny, and we’re being made (not asked) to give pennies that we don’t have. I pay my bills (most of them on time), but there comes a time when you get tired of “taking from Peter to pay Paul.” There has to be another way in which AEP can get what they want. Why does it have to be us digging even deeper into our pockets that are already empty?

  6. February 12, 2009 shannon ruiz

    I have a family of seven living in my home only me and my oldest daughter have incomes she only works part time and makes minimum wage and w/ her car payment and insurance she can’t help me pay bills the increase we already have nearly tripled my bill it runs over $600 a month what do these people think that we have a money tree outside what do they expect people to do everything else is also high how are people going to pay these bills give us a break the people in this area don’t make that kind of money and there could be more people like me help us!


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