Some shots from dinner Friday Night in Jacksonville

The training today has been really good. I have learned some new things and some things have been reaffirmed. I am learning how the United Methodhist Church works on a National and World level and that is helpful. I am getting the opportunity to hear many different Bishops from all over the World.

Last night at the opening session we had the blessing of hearing from a young man by the name of Jay WIlliams. Jay is a Seminary student at Union Theological Seminary in New York. One of the main points of Jay’s sermon was about leadership. Jay talked about the fact that God has called some to be leaders and others to be followers. When the anointing of Gid is on a person to lead then that person should lead. When a person is in a leadership role and God’s anointing is not present then that person should be removed from his or her position.

Jay said that most hard decisions are not hard decisions at all but rather they are painful decisions and therefore they are hard to make. That really struck a cord with me because I have basically been saying that same thing only in different terms that were not as clear.

In leadership we have to make a lot of painful decisions and because of that we need your prayers for guidance and wisdom.

Anyway, good training, great fellowship.


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