Note on Abortion from Fielden Sanders

I am happy to see proof of how far our nation has come, that an American who happens to of African heritage can become president of the United States. Contrary to many detractors of the United States, this proves that this is the greatest nation on earth. My joy is mixed with sorrow that our new president, along with many in The United Methodist Church, continues to champion the right to murder unborn citizens of the United States under the guise of “freedom of choice.” I pray that our president’s heart will be changed, and that he will value the lives of all Americans. The so-called Freedom of Choice Act does not reflect that value. My sorrow comes from the fact that our president, and the top leadership in the conferences of The United Methodist Church, continue to support organizations that clearly promote abortion as a form of birth control. May the people of The United Methodist Church cry out to their leaders for a change to value all people, of all colors, whether in the womb or in the world.


West End UMC

Wytheville District

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