Random Thoughts

This past weeks was one of the most stressful that I have experienced in a long time. I had 3 Exams and 20 pages of written work hanging over my head. I am a procrastinator and it kills me. I am making a commitment now to not continue in that pattern. All of the school work is turned in for 3 classes and now I am praying for favor in the eyes of the graders.

I have one more class “World Missions” and I really am excited about this class and one final project on Discipleship through time and I am pretty excited about that one also. But to be honest I am so ready to be finished with school for a while. I live in a state of stress knowing that I have lectures, papers and exams. That along with family, ministry and life in general is very weighty.

I plan to be very proactive this semester with these last two pieces of seminary work and have much less stress in the process. It is just a matter of doing a little bit every day and the stress level would be nothing. Remind me Lord!

God is good and He will see us through.

After school is completed I look forward to reading more of the books that I want to read so badly. I love to learn but I tend to get focused on a few things and read in that area. Right now I am reading several books. “Speaking to teens” , “Twittering”,  “Word Press for Dummies”, “XEE”, “Why” and a Study Guide called “The Beatitudes” by Lovette Wheems.

This doesn’t scratch the surface of the things that I want to read and have waiting in multiple stacks. Seems that I am startung to catch up a little.

Anyway, a load of weight has left my shoulders with all the school work that I put in the mail this week.

Praise The Lord!


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