What if Church were less about Sunday and more about the rest of the days of the week?

This is a question I posed on Facebook this morning and I will share with you the answers as I receive them. What do you think?

Oh…come on now! Preach…Preacher! What if Church was more about Jesus and less about the Church!


Well then we’d have a lot of churches that weren’t in agreement with us. When its more about the rituals and the structure than it is about Jesus, I think you have lost sight of our purpose. This coming from a non-preacher but still someone who wonders about the churches who are more hung up on how many times you can have communion than WHAT communion is, or more hung up about the clothes you wear on the outside than the person you are on the inside.


Isn’t church suppose to be about the rest of the week! It should prepare us to go out and be disciples, to be like Christ and love everyone we come in contact with, not just those we worship with. On Sunday we should be asking God to show us others we can help that coming week and then to recognize them when God puts them in our path. And when you really think about it, Church should be everyday, not just on Sunday and not just in the building where we attend on Sunday. Everyday should be lived for worship and Christ.


Pick up Organic Church, Growing Faith Where Life Happens. That will really challenge that question. He makes statements like, “Church attendance is not the barometer of how Christianity is doing. Ultimately, transformation is the product of the gospel. It is not enough to fill our churches; we must transform our world.”


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Warning…..The answer may cause you to change you thinking and your ways.


3 comments on “What if Church were less about Sunday and more about the rest of the days of the week?

  1. March 11, 2009 godw1nz

    Instead of focusing on filling our churches, we each need to focus on filling our hearts with God’s love, truth and grace. It is only then that God can transform the world…one person at a time. God is right there, waiting for each of us to decide to “follow Him” even in the midst the rules and regulations of denominations. He doesn’t make us do anything. It is our choice. If you don’t like the church you attend, find one that you do! When I found my current church, I began to grasp what communion really meant by taking communion and observing the ritual. It was in the ritual, the liturgy, that I began to really grasp the seriousness of communion. It wasn’t any one thing that anyone did, or said, it was GOD. It was in the reverence of the pastors and servers, the bowed heads of the children, the MANY, MANY children, the kindness of the servers to kneel and meet the children where they were, as well as the elderly. It was in the tears shed, the broken heart I felt when I realized that it was my sin that sent Jesus to the cross. I cried like a baby every time I took communion, for about a year. To realize that God loved ME that much, was just overwhelming to my heart. GOD had me under conviction. Today, I don’t ” take communion” “just because”, I take it seriously and somberly, with reverence, repentence, prayer, hope and joy. Part of that comes from the ritual itself. Today I am very humbled to be able to take communion and know that I am forgiven. Not long ago I attended a communion service at another church , while on vacation, and the pastor joked AS HE WAS GIVING COMMUNION! I was very bothered by that and felt it was out of place. We have to get out of God’s way and let HIM do the work, we can’t control who comes, or when, or how many baptism’s there are in a year. We can try, but no one likes to be “guilted” into going to church. I go because I WANT to go and grow as I fellowship, worship, study and learn from those who are in leadership there. It is in that sweet fellowship that we learn to worship EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF EVERY DAY. Not just on Sunday.

  2. March 11, 2009 Judy

    Steve & I saw a news story last week about a church in Georgia (I think). It’s not a traditional church in that they meet in the gymnasium at the high school to save money. Almost all of the money they collect from tithes is given to people in need because there is no church upkeep, no staff, etc. The pastor’s office is his laptop at a local coffee shop. Most recently they helped a single mom and gave her $ 11,000. (yes thousands). She was so touched that these people care for her. This story really touched us both because it got to the root of what we as Christians are supposed to be about, helping the less fortunate and spreading God’s love to others. It’s amazing that some churches break up over disputes about the physical building. I wish everyone could see this story because it truly is what it is all about and it reminds us not to lose sight of what’s truly important.

  3. March 12, 2009 Dave

    The Cokesbury folk out of Nashville have occasionally suggested that the real worship may be on Tuesday afternoon when an office full of people are watching you and I handle a tough situation, whatever that may be. Are we acting with the heart of God in a stressful situation.


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