The Most Valuable Piece of Real Estate in the World

The Out Of The BoxYouth Leaders hosted The United Methodist Women last night @ OOTB.

We had Church!

I have heard through my Christian life that someone would clean themselves off a spot and preach and that is just what Beth White did last night.

We shared the story of traveling to Macon Ga. on a Youth Mission trip in the summer of 2008. The fact that Christ Chapel Sportstown made such an awesome impact on all of us is what led to God speaking and us hearing what He wanted us to do in Hillsville Va.

When we arrived in Macon around 10:30 at night we were greeted and served the entire week with Radical Hospitality and Extravagant Giving. We were treated like A Kings Child, it was obvious that we were valuable to them. There are lots of pictures here on the blog where you can see the progression of our trip to Macon and then the evolution of Out Of The Box becoming reality. Start in July and work your way forward and you will see what normally would take years to accomplish and God has done it in a matter of just a few months.

Beth spoke about people coming back to Carroll County and marking out a spot in OOTB as the most Valuable Piece of Real estate in the world. It will be because they found Christ in that place. We can already attest to the fact of OOTB being a place that makes people smile when they walk through the door, a place where people are loved and feel and are safe. A place where people are accepted and never judged. A place where youth can hang with their friends and learn about who Jesus is all at the same time.

What is Out of the Box? It is different things to different people but most of all it is an anointed place that God has ordained to introduce people to Jesus, His son.


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