“I left my heart in the hands of Nicaraguan children.”

SNL this week: 6:30pm Sunday night March 29th @ FUMC Hillsville

SouledOut will play at 6:30 and then Laura will speak. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. Invite your friends and let’s pack the house on Sunday Night!


“I left my heart in the hands of Nicaraguan children.” The most beautiful, dirty, scarred, most perfect hands of children. This trip completely wrecked my life…
in the most amazing way possible. come find out how. 🙂  ”

Laura will be speaking about her recent trip – stories, etc. The highlight is that she will then speak about how it affected her spiritual life.

“What I learned and what changed me, etc.”

Laura spent a week in a refugee community in Nicaragua called Nueva Vida (meaning, New Life). Nueva Vida was destroyed by Hurricane Mitch a few years ago and has since been an area of extreme poverty. The people living in the community are either unemployed, or work in sweat shops making barely enough to survive. Most families have barely enough money for one or two
meals a day.

They spent a week focusing on the Children in the community.
“Basically – we took them out of their everyday surroundings of poverty and let them have FUN and be normal kids. We built relationships with these kids and by the end of the week had difficult goodbyes facing each of us. I was taught true joy, true happiness, and true compassion through this trip.”

“By the World’s standard these people are poor, but spiritually they are the richest people I have ever seen.”

Come hear about the change in Laura’s life through the trip she took to Nicaragua. Hear her stories about a Tarantula in her shower, rats in her room, and eating rice and beans every day. Hear about worshiping outside, teaching the kids a song from SouledOut and having her body completely covered in face paint by the children. Hear about Marvin’s Shoes, Anielka’s ear rings, and the festival for families affected by prostitution. Hear about the community living in the dump, but most importantly come hear about what God has taught Laura and the change in her life that took place outside her Nation’s borders.

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