Life is about to change in the Collins Household

After blogging Baby Collins at 31 weeks I started to think about what is going to change for us in just a few short weeks. I can attest to the fact of living a busy but wonderful life. With all the children who hang out at our house life is never boring.

We have 7 children in the family and 5 of them are under 3 years old. Judah will make the 8th child in the family. It has become very difficult to eat out and that is something that we love doing as a family. We love being together and not having to worry about the cooking or the clean up. However with all the little ones it is so much more comfortable being at home where they can play and not have to worry about them running around while the adults get to eat a meal.

One of my favorite times is summer vacation and going to the beach. This past year we had 16 family members and Sophie the family dog. It was a lt of fun but this year we are hoping to find a place big enough for all of us to stay under one roof. A place where we can have some meals in and not have to go to a restaurant, although we enjoy that it is difficult to do.

Things will change even more when Judah is born and we can’t wait. God is so good and we are blessed to have such a large family.


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