Why don’t we do Church “Outside The Box”?

We do typical church on Sunday morning @ 11am. Why? Because we’ve always done it that way? I would submit that the average person who goes to church on Sunday morning at 11am is there at that time because we have always done it that way.

I admire the folks @ Cornerstone in Galax for “Stepping Outside The Box” and having worship service on Saturday night. I hope they are giving their pastor a break after taking on that responsibility. Being a pastor I understand what it is to take on new responsibilities and never dropping old responsibilities.

What is we started doing worship services at different times during the week? We recently had a great number of teens show up at the church at 6am to help with breakfast for the auction. I realized then, they want to be here but they live busy lives as well. Give them a time when they can come and they will.

We live in a time where people seldom fight over Blue Laws anymore and if you have no idea what a Blue Law is you fit the category I am speaking of. People have responsibilities like no other time in history. There are more people employed in jobs where they have to work on Sunday morning at 11am. Law Enforcement, Hospital jobs, Convenience Store, Hotels, Restaurants. All of these things are realities and we need to provide worship for those who do not have a 9-5  job.

Let’s dialogue about this.


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