June 24th is moving day

Today was the last time we as Clergy in the Wythevile District had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Charles Starks as our District Superintendent. Like so many pastor’s, Chuck will be moving back into the pastoral role in a local church. 

I am very thankful for my time in getting to know Chuck. Many people have played a role in my discovering what it is that God was calling me to do and Chuck played a key role. After meeting initially with Ramon Torres and the both of us feeling sure that God was calling me into pastoral leadership, I then met with Dr. Starks. The rest is really history, it has been several years and it is a blessing that I started this process with Chuck and I will be Commissioned in June as Chuck leaves the Wytheville District.

Lets lift all the men and women of Holston and the UMC in general as they prepare to move in June.


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