My passion comes out in pictures @ times….

One of my passions is my kids and grand-kids, you may have noticed that from the pictures. A friend un-friended me on facebook recently because they said my passion for pictures of the family and youth ministry was crowding their page. There is a way to fix that. On the left side of facebook there is a place that says newsfeed. Just below that area it says create, click there and name it something like Ministry Friends and then you can choose to group people there. You can make all the groups you like and pick which updates to see when you pull up your page.

So, I apologise if my pictures are crowding your page and I certainly don’t want to lose any friendships. Just set up the groups and keep facebooking. I love my family and the ministry that God has blessed me with and it tends to come out in pictures.


2 comments on “My passion comes out in pictures @ times….

  1. April 9, 2009 Stephanie

    Ronnie, I love your pictures and I’m glad you’re my friend on facebook!

  2. April 13, 2009 Laura

    that’s one of my favorite parts of logging into my facebook – getting to see cute pictures of your kids! so please don’t stop. 🙂


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