My first Grandbaby is growing up so fast…

I will never forget the day that Christopher was born. It was the first day of Annual Conference. I came home early from Seminary class on Saturday and he didn’t come. I remember leaving the hospital that night and being so frustrated and Mike said, “dad, you always tell me to pray and God will work things out” and He did.

I went back to the hospital first thing Sunday morning and just before I had to leave for Lake Junaluska Christopher was born. I will never forget the nurse who looked at me and said Grandpa needs to hold this little fella before he leaves and I was able to hold him first. That is one of the greatest moments of my life. It is awesome watching him grow, that is what he is supposed to do and at the same time I am missing the baby Christopher.

He was begging all the way home from Rocky Mount, go to pupa’s, ride tractor, splash in the water, and we did!



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